The purpose of my book is to present an accurate translation of the Bible which can be inspected by biblical translators that will prove conclusively that there are no anti-homosexual teachings in the Bible. There is no prohibition against same-sex love. The book is made to assure gay people that they are doing nothing wrong, and also to prove to ministers that whatever anti-gay doctrine they may have, is not supported by the Bible.


About the book

My book is written to introduce people to the culture of the Bible as it was when it was written, and to show why some same sex activity was prohibited in the Bible while same-sex relationships were not.

About the AUTHOR

I am 65, and a Spanish Italian American. I am curious about what the Bible really says. I know there is an art in translating from one language to another and one can put in his biases in the translation whether he or she is aware of it or not. I am a gay person who has found out that there is no condemnation of homosexuality as we know it in the Bible. I wish to be excepted by my church as I am, and as God has created me, gay.

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